Mixing Oil and Water


couple picMy lovely wife, Atalie, and I thought that people might enjoy reading about the craziness that is our family. With 6 kids, a dog and a cat…life can be a bit hectic, yet shits and giggles still abound. Since our first ever blog post consisted of a profanity-laced rant about the weather, I thought I better introduce who we are and why you may care.

We are “Mixing Oil and Water.” The fun middle school science experiment claims that Oil and Water cannot mix. Oil is non-polar (the electrons are evenly spread around), and water is polar (the oxygen part of water tends to pull a Little more on the electrons than the hydrogen). My wife accuses me of implying that she is bi-polar, but I would never say that…aloud. Water is non-polar and that’s the story I’m sticking with. Anyway, this chemical makeup does not mix. The oil will separate from the water. There is, however, a way that you CAN mix oil and water and get it to “stick together.” If a compound called an emulsifier is added, the oil and water stay mixed. (Think salad dressing) An example of an emulsifier would be eggs yolks, mustard, lemon juice or my personal favorite, Grey Goose. An emulsifier allows the polar and non-polar compounds to interact and stay “mixed.” When people are as different as we are, there is little chance we would have been able to “mix.”I was East Coast, She was West Coast. I was “book” smart, She was “street” smart. She had common sense, I am full of non-sense.

What we did haveThe Kids was a friendship that developed out of mutual support through failed marriages. Although this brought us together, our chemical makeup, kept separating us. Then there was an emulsifier called, Quentin Taylor Luhrs. Then came the emulsifier, Zoe Bella Luhrs. Then after life was beginning to settle down a little, we had four more emulsifiers arrive in 4 of the next five years: Zali Brianna, Zannah Brielle, Quincy Tucker and Quaid Tevin. We have been extremely blessed and have been given an enormously important responsibility to raise and equip these six children to be amazing contributors to society. This is a responsibility we take very seriously, however, we get to enjoy the silliness along the way.

We hope to post something interesting, humorous and/or thought provoking several times a week. Take from it what you want, but we will share from our heart and experience. You will quickly see we have different style, humor, interests and view points. We will provide an unfiltered look at a variety of topics.

One thing I hope becomes crystal clear…everything we do, we do based on our faith, our family and our foundation of love, which in its purest form…NEVER FAILS!!!

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Faith, Family and Fantasy Sports.These are the three words that best describe me. I am a faithful husband and father of 6 amazing children. I manage a residential glass and mirror company as means to earn a living, but I live for every precious moment I can spend with my family and a passion for sports.

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  1. I am not sure that our children will enjoy being referred to as “emulsifiers”, the word comes from the Latin word “to milk”… but I sure am giggling about it.

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