Legacy of Love

My last post really was a downer and probably left you a little empty inside and wanting more.

Since my most prominent writing influence is the best screenwriter and director of all time, Quentin Tarantino, I figured it was appropriate to use a non-linear format to storytelling on this site. Flash-forward from the dark cliff hanger in California in 2003 to New Jersey, 2012. My, now, beautiful bride was extremely pregnant with Quincy Boy. We were celebrating her birthday, and I took her off to a “surprise” dinner. She figured out in a few seconds, where we were going because I can be predictable at times. This was, of course, playing right into my plan. We were going to one our favorite places, The National Hotel, in Frenchtown, NJ. This is her favorite place to get a tasty burger. The first surprise is we were meeting some friends. We will call them Arthur and Kelly. This appeared to be a wonderful surprise for my gorgeous, glowing bride. This night was the seed that has now developed into this blog site. We spent the next two hours giving our interpretations of “our story.” It was amazing to actually hear how far we had come.

What my bride did not realize, I had written a long song for her using a poem I wrote during a marriage retreat we had attended approximately 6 months prior. Because I am a terrible singer, I had enlisted Kelly’s help as a vocal coach as well as some background vocals. After dinner, we went downstairs to enjoy the Open Mic artists perform. Arthur and Kelly had smuggled my guitar in earlier in the evening and I had signed up during a “trip to the bathroom.” We got downstairs with only one artist to go before me. At the appropriate time, the host announced me and I went on stage to perform my love song to my blindsided and probably mortified bride. Kelly also came on stage for some back up vocals as I sang, with all my heart…


Before I met you.

I’d given up on love

Risk too great for the reward

Wounds seemed to deep

for God to heal them

To open a new door


Pushed you far away


Caused you pain every day

Gradually You brought emotions back to life


You were made to be my wife

Your compassion and love

knocked me off my feet

I’ve learned so much as we’ve grown

You don’t see yourself

The way that I do

Inside and out your beauty’s shown


Pushed you far away


Caused you pain every day


You brought emotions back to life


You were made to be my wife

I’m so proud

that through the darkest clouds

We stand as one in the crowd

When our time on Earth is through

I will say to you

“You made all of my wildest dreams come true”

I love you

You make all my dreams come true.

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