So This is What Healthy Looks Like…

After neglecting my body and health for the better part of the last two decades, I decided enough was enough.

Last year I was helping to coach my son’s baseball team at the 9-10 year old level. I was overweight and out of breath just watching the kids practice. One day I was shagging fly balls in the outfield and almost killed myself making catch. Once the ball was in the air, I starting running and for a split second, I forgot I was fat and 275 lbs I thought I was tracking a flyball like I was in high school. Well, I made the catch and couldn’t stop running. I literally had to run for another 15-20 seconds to slow down so I wouldn’t fall on my face. This was the beginning of my decision to finally stop making excuses and do something about my health, I had no energy. My knees, heels, back and pretty much every joint in my bad…HURT REAL BAD!!! My wife was tired of hearing me bitch about how I felt, because I refused to do anything about it. My excuses were…I don’t have the time. We have too many kids that need our attention. I’m too tired. I can’t exercise or I will hurt myself more. I can’t afford the gym. I can’t afford to eat healthy foods. I can’t afford vitamins and supplements. These are all true statements, however, I needed to figure it out. When I went to the doctor’s later that summer to get some anti-inflammatory meds for my back and knees, I was a staggering 285 lbs. I was so embarrassed. I had let myself go and if I didn’t make some changes first, I wouldn’t be around to see my kids get married and give me grandkids and that thought made me sad, scared and angry all at the same time.

So my better half was introduced to this health and wellness company that sold products for energy, weight-loss, nutrition and sports performance. The company is AdvoCare. advocare logoAfter an In-home presentation, we decided we were going to do this together. It was a huge investment of time and money, but it successful, it would be worth it. We began with their 24 Day Challenge. This was extremely difficult as we began our quest to eat better, take appropriate supplements and general healthier life-style. I did very well with the change in diet and food portions. I couldn’t get into the exercise as it would take me 3-4 days to recover my sore joints from a 20 minute walk. I lost 25 lbs in the 24 day challenge. This was working and I was exciting about the progress. We started this in September. It is now almost May 1st and I have settle into the 225-230 lbs range over the last 2 months, but now I have not only able to exercise, but now working with a personal trainer once a week to help me push through to the next level. My goal is 200 lbs, by November of this year. Now, I am focusing on building lean muscle so that it will help push through this last 20-30 lbs.

Here’s how I know its working…I had my yearly physical last week. I had a positive exam where my doctor said I physically checked out well and no concerns. My biggest nemesis over the years has been my blood work. I typically have a Vasovagal response every time I have blood drawn, shots or get an IV. This time, I got my blood drawn and was able to leave in minutes instead of the 15-20 minutes of blacking out or something similar. Saturday, I got my results in the mail. For the first time in nearly 15 years, I have NO RED FLAGS. My liver enzymes, sugar and cholesterol have always been borderline if not flagged. I was put on blood pressure meds last year and I no longer have to take them. It was such an empowering feeling to see my hard work and money was paying off.

Yeah I have a long way to go. If I can do it, anyone can. It has been worth every penny and I now feel I will get to see my kids grow up and do something amazinpimpg..I also feel I have that since I’ve been feeling better and my wife has been doing the program with me, we have grown closer and have been able to enjoy each other in ways we haven’t been able to in a while. Oh and if you have any questions about the programs…just ask. Atalie is a distributor and we can get you info if interested. It has changed our lives. It will only work if you are committed to it as well as the nutrition and exercise. This is just a tip of what healthy looks like…


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